Marathon For A Better Life


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Marathon For A Better Life

What we do

The Marathon for a Better Life, Inc. seeks to provide relief and support to distressed Schoharie County residents currently fighting cancer; encourages community solidarity between those who are fighting cancer, those who have fought cancer, and their families, friends, and neighbors; promotes human dignity; and, empowers local residents currently fighting cancer through providing them with financial assistance and other necessary resources to better enable them to overcome personal obstacles, pay for medical treatments and expenses, triumph over cancer, and fight for a better life.

Who we help

The Marathon for a Better Life started in 1996 in response to a need to assist patients in Schoharie County in their fight against cancer. Since we started this organization has helped over 1600 people of all ages who have been battling cancer by giving financial assistance to help with the bills that weigh heavily on the patient's mind. The Marathon cannot pay all bills incurred by cancer patients and their family, but we can be of assistance in trying to alleviate some of the pressure of unpaid bills, whether they be medical or otherwise. The Marathon Committee feels that the cancer patient should decide what bills should be paid. With that in mind the money is sent directly to the cancer patient. There are three requirements to get assistance from the Marathon for a Better Life: